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Humans are innately visual in nature. We often base attraction on appearance first. As such, websites that are focused on serving as a platform for visual content, like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumbler have experienced a significant growth over the years. In fact, a research by networking giant Cisco Systems in 2013 revealed that visual apps have enjoyed some of the biggest percentage growths of that year, with Instagram and Flickr landing in the top 3.

In addition, Cisco has also determined that the usage of mobile data will continue to grow to 15 exabytes per month by 2018. With the projected growth of mobile data in the coming years, it is likely that visual content will continue to penetrate social awareness in the near future.

KSA Certified Given these statistics, there is a strong case for the visual industry to see increased demand, with design professionals being immersed in new roles and tasks. If you are interested in know more about graphics and visuals, learn from the most comprehensive graphic design courses in Sharjah and Dubai at New Horizons Dubai.

Our graphic design programs are optimised to provide a structured approach to learning the tenets and concepts of the practice.

The programs will emphasise on mastering the use of a whole suite of Adobe multimedia and creativity software to create visually stimulating designs. Adobe software and tools to be used will include the following:

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Captivate
  • Dreamweaver
  • Acrobat
  • Flash

In addition, students will be allowed to go through certification for each product, as recognition of proficiency for the chosen tool. The Adobe Certified Expert Certification will provide validation of the skills students have learned throughout the course.

On the other hand, if you are interested in expanding your expertise beyond the realm of graphic design, New Horizons also offers some of the most complete web design courses in Dubai. Our web design courses will equip students with the fundamental knowledge on managing digital real estate in order to maximise every space available on a website.

Web designing will mostly revolve around creating layouts that can have visual impact when viewed from a web browser. This entails developing an understanding of how web users in Dubai consume online content, and strategically placing elements that will help achieve the purpose of a website.

Adobe offers a suite of multimedia and creativity software that continues to be the standard for both print and digital marketing for professionals, businesses, and designers alike. Adobe's products are used in homes and offices across the world. Adobe products make it easy to create marketing materials and creative expressions of both you or your business. These tools help create eye-catching content that can be distributed across both print and digital media.

Adobe training helps the user to understand the software, and be better equipped for success. Even if you have experience with Adobe products, additional training will leave you with further tips and tricks to make your work more efficient.

Adobe Training at New Horizons of Dubai

Adobe training at New Horizons Dubai covers all levels, from basic to advanced courses, for enhancing your print and web design skills. Whether you're brand new to Adobe or seeking advanced knowledge, we've got it covered. Get Started Today!

Explore Adobe Products

Photoshop Training Dubai

Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop is an advanced image editing application that lets you enhance, retouch, and manipulate photographs and other images.

InDesign Training Dubai

Adobe InDesign - Adobe InDesign is a professional desktop publishing application you can use to create creative print media, e-books and other digital publications.

Illustrator Training Dubai

Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Illustrator is the standard for creating vector graphics including Logos-Icons, illustrations and typography. Useful for print, web, video, and mobile platforms.

Captivate Training Dubai

Adobe Captivate - Adobe Captivate is the premier program for developing interactive eLearning. Include mages, videos, animations, interactivity, audio narrations, and quizzes.

Dreamweaver Training Dubai

Adobe Dreamweaver - Adobe Dreamweaver is an all-in-one visual development tool that allows you to create, publish, and manage websites and mobile content.

Acrobat Training Dubai

Adobe Acrobat - Adobe Acrobat has become the universal document creation and management platform for creating, managing, and integrating PDF documents.

Flash Training Dubai

Adobe Flash - Adobe Flash is a tool for creating animation and multimedia content that shows consistently across desktops, mobile devices, and different browsers.

Adobe Certified Expert Certification

Adobe Certified Expert Certification (ACE) - Each Adobe product offers a certification called the Adobe Certification Expert (ACE).

Adobe Certified Expert Certification (ACE)

Each Adobe product offers a certification called the Adobe Certification Expert (ACE). If you are just getting started in a design career, earning your certification validates your skills to potential employers, and gives you an edge against competing applicants.

If you are a freelance designer or independent contractor, then ACE certification provides you with instant authority to obtain new clients. Certification allows for use of Adobe's well-known name on your resume, business cards, web site, or blog.

Adobe Certified Expert Certification (ACE) provides a strong backbone for the following careers:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Adobe Certified Instructor