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Change Analyst Certification

Developed in response to market demand for practical, focused qualifications, our Change Analyst role-based certification helps you to understand the wider implications of change within ITIL® service delivery, giving you the knowledge and confidence to authorise change initiatives, while at the same time earning a recognized certification and ITIL credits.

The Change Analyst certification forms part of a series of role-based certifications developed by APMG-International in partnership with itSMF.

Service managers are under intense pressure and scrutiny to deliver IT services in a robust, timely and cost effective way. Focusing on keeping negative impacts to a minimum while at the same time improving customer experience, the challenge of understanding how changes will impact systems is ever increasing.

The Change Analyst certification enables you to assess the potential benefits, risks, impacts, and costs of proposed changes, shows you how to develop the appropriate business cases for changes, and gives advice on how to get approval to proceed with such changes. It is very closely aligned to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) framework regarding core competencies of an individual in a role.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Understand the wider implications of change within ITIL service delivery and learn to develop relevant change models.
  • Assess potential benefits, risks, impacts and costs of proposed changes and provide advice on how to gain approval to proceed with changes.
  • Predict and analyze how change impacts process and people in order to understand outcomes of change.
  • Combine structure and application of key change processes with soft skills required to meet every day challenges.
  • Ensure clarity regarding training, job impact, coaching and mentoring required to support change.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Keep negative impacts to a minimum while improving customer experience during business transformation.
  • Differentiate ITSM offerings to attract new business partners and clients.
  • Build upon current ITIL processes by specifically focusing on how change impacts service management in business.
  • Accurately define terms of change and predict how and when resources will be needed to successfully deliver outcomes.
  • Support employees’ professional development by aligning training with ITIL and SFIA and encouraging focused, role based certifications.


The course provides detailed, practical knowledge based on industry good practice and provides collateral which the candidate can apply in their work environment. The course and examinations have been developed by itSMF-UK industry experts and are available through our international network of accredited training organizations.

Exam Format

  • Workbook to be completed during the course to demonstrate the practical application of the theory
  • 20 questions per paper
  • 13 marks required to pass (out of 20 available) - (65%)
  • One hour duration