Cyber Security Fundamentals Workshop

Cyber Security Workshop

CyberSecurity Fundamentals Workshop – 17 July, Aug 7 2016


Target Audience

  • Zero to three years cybersecurity experience
  • Audit, risk, compliance, information security, government and legal professionals with a familiarity of basic IT/IS concepts who: are new to cybersecurity are interested in entering the field of cybersecurity are interested in the ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate
  • Students and recent graduates

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals course enhances participants knowledge in cybersecurity across five key areas:

  • Cybersecurity concepts
  • Cybersecurity architecture principles
  • Cybersecurity of networks, systems, applications and data
  • Incident response
  • Security of evolving technology


Package Includes

  • 1) 16 hours of Instructor led Interactive & Intensive CyberSecurity Fundamentals learning sessions.
  • 2) Comprehensive Courseware covering all aspects of CyberSecurity Fundamentals.
  • 3) Multiple Classroom Activities based on CyberSecurity including a case-scenario on real life CyberSecurity incident with RCA to baseline participant knowledge.
  • 4) Post training Email support to respond to CyberSecurity Fundamentals questions