Resilia Training

EC-Council Certification Courses

RESILIA is a cyber resilience best practice portfolio comprising certified training courses and resources designed to strengthen an organization’s resilience against cyber based threats.

RESILIA was created by AXELOS and is based on the Cyber Resilience Best Practices guide – enabling organizations to effectively equip their staff with cyber resilience best practice awareness. Utilizing the ITIL lifecycle – RESILIA improves the organization’s ability to detect, respond to and recover from cyber security attacks while minimizing the potential damages.

Why was RESILIA introduced?

As industry becomes increasingly reliant on cyber space - it is crucial for organization’s to take the necessary steps in keeping their sensitive cyber assets secure against cyber criminals. News on organizations’ compromised cyber security has become a daily occurrence and the consequences of a breach can be disastrous.

RESILIA was introduced to set a benchmark for cyber resilience best practice and to improve cyber security awareness across an organization’s workforce. Differentiating it from other cyber security options – RESILIA focusses on the people within the organization, complementing other frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT 5.

RESILIA equips staff with the knowledge and skills needed to improve the organization’s ability to detect and combat cyber security threats.

Who is RESILIA for?

RESILIA is designed for organizations looking to introduce cyber resilience best practice to its staff and strengthen its overall resilience against cyber security threats. RESILIA is also suitable for organizations that have already implemented cyber security standards such as ISO27001 and wish to reinforce their cyber security strategy.  

What are the benefits of RESILIA?

  • Minimizes damages caused by cyber security breaches 
  • Optimizes recovery from cyber security breaches
  • Enables easy adoption of Cyber Resilience into existing processes 
  • Inspires confidence that strategy design supports Cyber Resilience Best Practice
  • Establishes a common language for cyber resilience across the organization 
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise through certification
  • Supports cost effective solutions by building security into projects and programmes
  • Protect against threats by ensuring well designed solutions are aligned with strategy
  • Building on the benefits offered by existing frameworks and best practises
  • Gain organizational competence through trained employees

Which levels of RESILIA training certification are available?

RESILIA training certifications have been designed to support the organization’s implemented IT controls and business integration frameworks. These certifications highlight how such controls can be selected, deployed and managed effectively. This provides individuals with clarity on how they can contribute to solid cyber resilience while conforming to the organization’s existing standards and processes.

RESILIA training certification provides the following benefits:

  • Equips staff with the knowledge needed to minimize damages caused by a security breach and the skills to recover effectively and swiftly
  • Incorporates cyber resilience best practice into your organization’s existing processes
  • Allows cyber resilience best practice to be easily communicated across the organization
  • Builds confidence to create and deliver cyber resilience strategies within your organization and to your customers and stakeholders.

There are currently two levels of certification available in the RESILIA portfolio – RESILIA Foundation and RESILIA Practitioner certifications.