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Problem Analyst Certification

Developed in response to market demand for practical, focused certifications, our Problem Analyst role-based certification, based on the ITIL® framework, helps you to understand how to prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening, eliminate recurring incidents and minimise the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented, while at the same time earning a recognised certification.

The certification provides detailed, practical knowledge based on industry good practice and provides collateral which the candidate can apply in their work environment. The course and examinations have been developed by itSMF-UK industry experts and are available through our international network of accredited training organizations.

The Problem Analyst certification helps to ensure that IT service availability and quality are increased. When incidents are resolved, information about the resolution is recorded. Over time, this information is used to speed up the resolution time and identify permanent solutions, reducing the number and resolution time of incidents. This results in less downtime and less disruption to business critical systems.

Problem Analyst forms part of a series of role-based certifications developed by APMG-International in partnership with itSMF. It is closely aligned to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) framework regarding core competencies of an individual in a role.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Extend and formalize understanding of problem solving in terms of ITSM to become a specialist in problem resolution.
  • Apply knowledge and improve current processes and practices in the workplace to prevent issues from occurring.
  • Record information about resolved problems to speed up resolution time and identify permanent solutions, reducing number and resolution time of incidents.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Obtain collateral which can be applied immediately to a working environment, reducing amount of time needed for training to positively impact the organization.
  • Eliminate recurring incidents and minimize impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.
  • Achieve less downtime and disruption to business critical systems.
  • Increase availability and quality of IT service through problem analysis and prevention.


After completing the training courses, you will be able to manage, prioritise, review and action problems in line with defined ITIL processes. You will be able to describe Problem Management and the role of the Problem Analyst, identify the importance of communication in this role and demonstrate the specific skills and competencies associated with the role of Problem Analyst. You will also recognise the importance of maintaining quality for successful Problem Management.

Exam Format

  • Objective testing
  • 20 questions per paper
  • 13 marks required to pass (out of 20 available) - 65%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Scenario Booklet to be used during examination.