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Stakeholder Engagement Certification

Based on the publication 'Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships', this certification helps candidates explore and develop the key competence area of identifying, influencing and leading key stakeholders. Supported by accredited training courses, certification will help candidates:-


  • Drive results and benefits through effective collaboration
  • Improve communication and influencing skills
  • Prioritise time and organize resources effectively
  • Generate buy-in and cooperation from key stakeholders
  • Remove obstacles to progress and success
  • Draw on a range of experience and techniques for influencing people
  • Develop a reputation as a key player and influencer.


Enabling individuals to identify, influence and lead key people and groups, this certification will be of significant benefit to those tasked with delivering results and benefits from projects, programmes and other change initiatives.

Benefits for Organizations

This is a strategic certification in that it:

  • Helps develop a core change competence
  • Puts other knowledge and skill areas into context
  • Equips individuals and teams to reduce waste and delay, whilst generating ‘buy-in and cooperation for strategic change.

Benefits for Individuals

This certfifcation will help you:

  • Improve your communication and influencing skills
  • Prioritise your time
  • Mobilise your team
  • Remove obstacles to your progress
  • Develop a reputation for being a key player.

Foundation Level

The purpose of the Foundation qualification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Practical People Engagement guidance to work as an informed member of a team involved in delivering a change initiative, whether that be through a project or programme.