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About Windows 10

Windows 10 is here and we are all excited about this latest operating system from Microsoft. It promises is improve on Windows 8 and improve user experience. The all important start menu is back in its more familiar form. We also get a personal assistant with Windows 10 in the form of its Cortana system. We also have some new technical improvements with a brand new web browser, Virtual Desktops and Universal Apps, to name a few.
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New & Improved Features

Windows 10 New and Improved Features

The new powerhouse platform offers a host of new and advanced features, including Windows Hello, Cortana Integration, a New Start Menu, Microsoft Edge, Task View, and more.

Windows 10 includes so much of what businesses need, but due to these many advancements, there is a tremendous need for training, both for the office worker, as well as for the IT professional. Get started today with Windows 10 Training and Certification from New Horizons Dubai.